A lire ce texte : Family of 80-year-old NYC shooting victim Marcelino Valerio speaks out

, A lire ce texte : Family of 80-year-old NYC shooting victim Marcelino Valerio speaks out

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The 80-year-old man shot point-blank in the head and killed on a Bronx street by a bike-pedaling gunman who’d apparently been lying in wait for him was “unproblematic” and “adored by all family and friends,” his daughter told The Post on Monday.

Geraldine Valerio said the family was “in agony” over the shocking, caught-on-camera slaying of her father, Marcelino Valerio, who was gunned down at about 1:10 a.m. Sunday after attending a Sweet 16 celebration with his wife, according to police.

“My father was a healthy, strong 80-year-old adored by all family and friends,” she said in a statement.

“He was retired but was always a hardworking family man. If he wasn’t working he was the family’s handyman even as a retiree and he always enjoyed helping,” she added, noting her dad “never went out late at night, especially alone.”

Horrifying surveillance video captured Valerio’s killer — dressed in black from head to toe with a ski mask covering his face — riding up next to him on the sidewalk and shooting him twice, including point-blank in the head.

The slain man and his wife, Luz Collado, 66, had just been dropped off in front of 1209 Ogden Ave. in Highbridge when the gunman — who appeared to have been awaiting their arrival — launched the attack, according to the video.

Marcelino Valerio, 80, was shot and killed on the sidewalk in the Highbridge section of the Bronx on September 17, 2023.
Marcelino Valerio, 80, was shot and killed on the sidewalk in the Highbridge section of the Bronx on September 17, 2023.

The 80-year-old had just returned home from a Sweet 16 celebration in Westchester when he was fatally shot.
Seth Gottfried for NY Post

Valerio and his wife Luz Collado had just been dropped off outside of their home after attending a Sweet 16 party in Westchester County when he was shot.
Valerio and his wife, Luz Collado, had just been dropped off outside their home after attending a Sweet 16 party in Westchester County when he was shot.
Tomas E. Gaston for NY Post

Police have not identified a suspect or a motive for the killing, but the victim’s daughter said he wasn’t known to make enemies.

“Everyone that knows him will say he was unproblematic, calm, generous, and righteous,” Geraldine said in the statement. “We have faith justice will be served for my father and that God is with us.”

His other daughter, Geraldine, 33, told reporters Monday she had no idea who would want her dad dead.

“I don’t know why he [the gunman] would do this,” she said. “I just hope he can come forward and show himself.

This was not for my father, he did not deserve this at all,” she continued. “I have no idea, there wouldn’t be anyone in the world who would want to do this to my father.”

Valerio, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, lived with his family in the Bronx for over a decade but “never had any concerns” about their neighborhood, Geraldine said, adding her dad was protective of her, her daughter and his wife as the “only man in the house.”

“He was always so happy, and caring. He loved to talk and get to know people. And that’s just who he was,” she said. 

The black-clad gunman can be seen riding his bike down the block as the victim and his wife arrive.
CCTV footage

The gunman fled on his bike after the shooting and remains at large.
Seth Gottfried for NY Post

“He was not scared, no. We knew everyone from the pharmacy to the supermarket, a couple of neighbors here and there … We never had any concerns about being here,” Geraldine said.

All her father wanted was for them to “just live, be kind and, just be in peace,” she added.

Valerio was returning from a Sweet 16 party in New Rochelle in Westchester County when he was ambushed, law enforcement sources said.

His family said he enjoyed himself at the party Sunday night, eating desserts and other foods and taking photos with relatives even though he was typically a homebody who would skip such celebrations. 

According to Valerio's daughter Patricia, he was "unproblematic" and wasn't know to have any enemies.
According to Valerio’s daughter Geraldine, he was “unproblematic” and wasn’t known to have any enemies.

“He really didn’t like leaving the house. He was a homebody. My mother would go to family events and he would stay. I was surprised he went to this one,” his stepson Alex Rodriguez, 43, told The Post. 

Rodriguez, whose mother married Valero when he was 8 months old, said his stepdad “never had an issue with nobody.”

Footage of the terrifying attack showed Valerio’s wife staggering in shock after the shooting, as two hysterical women rushed out of the idling car and desperately signaled around for help.

The gunman circled back to the victim after initially riding past him.
CCTV footage

Speaking to reporters in Spanish on Monday, Collado described how her husband of over 30 years was suddenly attacked.

“I feel very bad. I feel very sad and it was very harsh. I was right there and it happened so fast,” she said, according to her daughter, who translated. 

Moments earlier, the shooter had been riding past the building in the other direction, before circling back again when the car Valerio was in pulled up, the video shows.

The gunman fled on his bike after the shooting and was still at large Monday.

The building superintendent at a previous address for Valerio called the victim “hard-working, calm.”

“He wasn’t out in the streets, he was a homebody,” said the worker, Rafel De Leon.

No problems ever arose with him. He was a marvelous person,” De Leon added.

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